How it works

All of the products on our website are repair services.

By completing a checkout and paymnet online you are prepaying for the repair service.

Step 1: take off the part
take off the part(s) from the vehicle that need to be repaired (srs airbag module, instrument cluster, or climate unit)
step 2: complete payment form

Select the repair service(s) on the website for the parts you need repair. fill out repair forms, and comlete payment.

You can add the repair services as products to cart and than checkout. or can you use one step check out if you need just one repair service.(you can checkout as a guest, but we recommend creating an account since you'll be able to track the status of the entire order and repair process online)

You must pre-pay for the service prior to sending any parts to us.

step 3: pack and ship

carefully package and ship the part(s) to us.

when we receive your part(s) we will repair and ship them back to you within 24 hours.
step 4: receive back repaired

when you receive the repaired part(s) back from us carefully install them into your vehicle.

for srs airbag module disconnect battery before installing the module to the vehicle.
GM Clusters Warranty:

1-Year warranty only on gauge stepper motors!

(No warranty on back-lighting or gauge light bulbs since in GM clusters they burn our every few years, that's why we recommend to upgrade to LEDs)

Our Mailing Address:
Martyn Auto Electronics
16 Squawfield RD
Westfield, MA 01085